My 3S Fitness Experience

Hello beauties, 

On January 8th, 2016 I received my first email from the 3S Fitness team. Within the email was a simple question, would you like to join our 3S Fitness Community and document your journey for a month on your YouTube channel? Seemed simple enough and just like most people in the new year I had collected some New Year’s Resolution in my mind and taking care of my mind and body was at the top of my list. I decided that I would make this year, my year, the year of taking care of myself, mind, body, and soul. I thought I’d try 3S Fitness for a month maybe two and see how things went.

I’ve always been a believer that you should follow your jut. If it tells you something is bad, don’t do it, if it tells you something will be great, DO IT and do it with your whole heart. After emailing back and further a few times I had a really good feeling, so I listened to my jut. After finalizing my plan with the 3S Fitness team I ran to Target bought a binder, some printer paper, and some printer ink. I printed out my meal plan, wrote out my grocery list, and sketched my workouts in my planner.

My first week of workouts were no joke. Abby knows how to make you sweat AND she knows how to fuel your body with proper nutrition so you can workout harder and feel fuller longer. This was the first meal plan I had ever tired where I didn’t feel hungry or crave greasy, salty, or unhealthy foods. It was great! One week in and I was feeling motivated, determined, and you were all so excited about this journey after my first video it made me even more excited. 

Wouldn’t you guess it, after months of looking for a job, right at the start of my second week with 3S Fitness I was offered my first full-time position post college graduation. I was excited for this new journey but also anxious about how it would effect my new lifestyle. With the motivation of the 3S Fitness team, my YouTube followers, my boyfriend, and my inner monologue I was determined to make things work. 

I know I’m not the type of person who can or will workout in the evening so I knew I would have to get my workouts in in the morning. I also know I’m the type of person who feels more bad ass when I have time to do a full face of makeup in the morning. So with knowing all of these things about myself (self discovery is priceless) I began waking up at 4:45am so that I could give myself time to workout, shower, do my makeup, get dressed, and do my hair, with just enough time to run out and catch the train. 

Yes, you heard me 4:45am and keep in mind, when I started it was the dead of winter in Chicago which means the sun doesn’t rise until 7am if we’re lucky. I’m proud to say that I’m 16 weeks and 90+ workouts into my 3S Fitness journey and sure I’ve missed a few workouts, had to make evening workout work here and there, and have had times of disappointment; luckily, I’m staying strong and beyond excited to say I’m still waking up at 4:45am to get my workouts in most mornings and it’s spring know so I get to see the sun rise around 5:30am so it’s not pitch black during my whole workout. 

This journey has been far from easy. I’ve had times of true depression while I transition to working full-time, lots of anxiety when I can’t get everything done, and times of distress when I don’t love my body the way I should plus let’s not forget there are still life things going on other than my job, my workouts, and YouTube. With all of these hard times and hard transition I’ve felt more strength in my mind and body than I ever have in my life. If you would have told my 20 year old self that I’d be waking up at 4:45am to workout and then head into the city to work for 8+ hours a day I would have said, bitch you crazy. 

I get asked all the time at work, how do you wake up that early? or WHY do you wake up that early? The simple answer is I want to workout and I love my morning beauty routine. Now, if I skip a workout or wake up late I feel like I’m missing something in my day. I feel incomplete without my morning 3S Fitness check-in. This community has made me feel a part of something bigger than just myself but at the same time I feel like this is all for me. 

I’m proud to be in the 3S Fitness Family, I’m proud of all of you who have begun your own journey of self love and self discovery. I don’t workout to loss weight or to look good to the world. I workout because when I do I feel I’m doing something good for my body, good for my mind, and good for my soul. The three pillars of the 3S Fitness lifestyle is Strength, Sweat, and Soul. I’ve gained strength in my muscles and strength in my mind, I’ve sweat buckets, and I’ve developed a great understand of what my soul looks like and the person I want to be. So I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to the 3S Fitness Community, team, and lifestyle or changing my life. I also want to thank all of you for inspiring me, motivating me, and giving me the power I need to achieve my goals. I’m not the perfect picture of transformation, I haven’t lost much weight, and I’m defiantly no good at macro counting but just as Abby says this journey is not about being perfect, it’s about being you, and giving it your all. If you try to be perfect you’ll fail but if you try to be a better you than you were yesterday you’ll feel joy and have all of the success you could dream of having. 

I'm so excited for the 3S Fitness Summer Sweat Series! Join FOR FREE to be a part of the 8 week challenge. You will receive 

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I wish all of you the sweatiest workouts, the deepest sleeps, the yummiest healthiest meals, and the strength you need to love yourself, love your body, and love others. 

xo, Brittany 

5 Tips for waking up early

Hello beauties, 

    I’ve had a few big changes in my life recently. Back in January I started working full-time and I started a fitness lifestyle journey. Throughout these first few months I’ve picked up a few tricks that I find make me a better morning person. I have never been good at walking up early or staying up late for that matter, I like my sleep and I will not apologize for that. However, with these new changes in my life I’ve started to wake up at 4:45am to be ready to leave for work at 6:50am. This does me I’m generally in bed by 9pm, like I said I like my sleep. I hope these five tips can help you fall asleep easier, wake up rested, and start your day off right. 

1. Prepare the night before. Anything you can get done the night before is helpful. For me this means: Laying out my workout clothes, laying out my work clothes, preparing my lunch, packing up my bag, and any other odds and ends that can be taken care of the night before. This helps me tremendously in the morning. I don’t know about you but I can’t really focus or think about things too much at 5am! 

2. Put your phone/alarm out of arms reach. For me this is on my desk that is far from my bed but still within hearing distance. This requires me to physically get up out of the bed in order to turn the alarm off. This is critical for me since I’ve had countless mornings where I’ve turned off my alarm without even remembering that I did so. Put it far enough away that you have to get up to turn it off and close enough so you can hear it.

3. Stop using your phone 30 minutes before bed. Now I haven’t read the science behind why this is important but I’ve found it does WORK! I spend all day online, looking at my phone, looking at a computer screen, and just connected to the world. It’s nice to allow myself a good 30 minutes before I attempt to close my eyes to fall asleep to just disconnect. If you have a significant other, I suggestion doing this together. You’ll find you have much more to say to one another and more time to connect one on one face to face before falling asleep for the night. I was always the type of person that would lay down for bed and have a million thoughts racing across my mind and I’ve found when putting my electronics away a little bit before bed my mind can relax when I need it to. 


4. Wake up to your first alarm. YES the first alarm, not the second, or third, or fifth; the first! If you would have taken a look at my alarm app 3 months ago you would have seen about seven alarms set within 5-6 minutes of each other. They would have just continuously gone off till I would eventually hear ONE of them. I’d wake up angry and annoyed with the constant buzzing. Bonus tip: Set your alarm to an up-lifting song or beat you enjoy.  Not sure why I always thought my alarm had to be set to the most obnoxious sound I could find. Once I set my alarm to a nice fun song, Rachel Platton Fight Song has been my favorites, I wake up calmer, motivated, and almost ready to take on my day. I say almost because well I am still waking up at 4:45am I can’t be THAT ready. 

5. Go to bed early enough to get 6-8 hours of sleep, every night. This is probably the most difficult, granted I am tired enough at 9pm to fall asleep but there are so many other things I’d like to be doing or need to get done since I did spend all day at work. However, I’ve found if I don’t get at least 6+ hours I’m crabby, exhausted, un-motivated, and just overall feel like crap. I work as hard as I can to get everything I need to get done at at home from 6:30-8:30pm. I put my electronics away at around 8:30 and try to be in bed to fall asleep at 9pm. If you’re looking for a way to track your sleep, a FitBit is great for that. I’m currently using the FitBit flex but will soon be getting the FitBit Alta. It’s great for tracking many different aspects of your life and health. Long story short get your sleep! 

I really hope these tips are helpful. Take it from someone who loves her sleep and was NEVER good at waking up early, you can do it! If you need/want to get up earlier these tips will help.