Hello beautiful, 

I'm Brittany: college graduate with imaginative ideas for my life. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with minors in English and Social Media. Currently enrolled to become a licensed esthetician. I'm one of the lucky few who has found my passion in life, in fact I've found a couple web-design and social media bring me joy and there is also my love of makeup! My desire to share that love has brought me opportunities to create bridal, prom, and special event makeup on beautiful clients. The most unexpected joy of my life is creating original content for YouTube. I create beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related videos.

When I started college in 2009 it was as an education major. I have always had a passion for learning, sharing, and experiencing life. I am truly a teacher at heart and I always thought that would lead to a classroom. However, in combining my love for teaching and my love for all things beauty I am able pursue my passion on YouTube. Over the past year my channel has grown larger than I ever expected and I am loving every moment. 

I have two YouTube channels. BeautyWithBrittanyXo is my beauty, fashion, and lifestyle channel. My second channel, BrittanyXoVlogs is a documentation of all things in my life from vacations, birthdays, to my nights in binge watching Netflix. I'm also always interacting with all of my followers on social media, I'm a bit of a Twitter addict! 

My biggest supporter is the love of my life Alex. We are high school sweethearts and to this day I'm still amazed at how lucky I am to have him in my life.  My second biggest support system is my YouTube family, 25,000+ beautiful humans that bring me crazy amounts of happiness!