How to Get Glowing Skin!

Hello beauties, 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) I'm so happy to have you here. I've been getting lots of questions on how to get glowing radiant skin for summer, and I have some tips to share with you. I decided to throw in a fun summery eyeshadow look too!  

My number one tip for radiant skin, and you've all heard it before, and yes I'm going to say it again, drink lots of water! If you are hydrated your skin will be more hydrated and in turn have a natural glow.  

Secondly, I really love to add a liquid highlight under my foundation. I love the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl! I add a little bit to the high points of the face like my cheek bones, center of my nose, and middle of the forehead. I do this under my foundation because this adds a look of radiance from within. 

Lightweight layering is another amazing technique to achieve radiant-looking skin. Once you've drank your water and highlighted the skin, a light layer of a light coverage foundation will help your skin appear luminous.  It's also a great way to apply foundation in the summer heat. If you need extra coverage, use a concealer of specific areas. Using a light layer at first and building layers up as you need. The "foundation" I've been using recently is the It Cosmetics CC+, it has SPF 50, it's lightweight, has light coverage, and wears really well in the summer heat. 

Of course if you want to look bronzed bronzer is your best friend. I love to use Beauty For Real For Aerie Glow Skin in Coco Cabana to contour. It's a cream stick that can be placed right in the hollows of the face and it blends out beautifully. Sometimes if I feel I need a little more color I will go over-top with a powder bronzer but it's not necessary.   

Another light trick I like to use to add a beautiful glow to the cheeks is use two different shades. I love to add one color all over the cheeks and then add another shade right to the apples of the cheeks. My favorite blushes of the moment are Makeup Geek Bliss and Spell Bound

I know I talked about highlighting under foundation, but it's also fantastic to add a little highlight above foundation to the tops of the cheek bones. ColourPop has amazing highlighters, Smoke N' Whistles is one of my favorites. Another favorite of mine at the moment is Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma

Sometimes it can be easy to add too much glow to the skin, but it's important to remember that the summer heat and sun will add a natural dewy glow to the skin. 

Have a great summer and don't forget to drink lots of water! You are beautiful with and without makeup!



Makeup Geek Haul + Review

Hello beauties, 

Makeupgeek is a brand I have been dying to try for so long now! I've created imaginary carts more times then I can count. That's why I'm even more excited to bring you this review today! I wanted to get my hands on a range of items so I could get an idea of the brand. I picked up an eye brush, two blushes, four eyeshadows, and four of the foiled eyeshadows. 

Yes I'm a brush addict. If I'm trying out a new brush brand, I like to start with eye brushes and more than face brushes. This is for a couple reasons. For one, eye brushes are generally cheaper so I'm not breaking the bank to try a new brand, and also if a brand can do an eye brush well, I'm willing to try their face brushes. I chose the Soft Dome Brush. I love the size and shape of this brush. It has a little point on the end and it's great for getting into the crease and blending out shadows. This brush is a great price at $7.99. The quality is wonderful, it's soft, doesn't shed, and it works well at blending and placing shadows on the lid. 

The blushes are my favorite item I purchased. The formula of these blushes is outstanding! They are smooth, pigmented, easy to blend and apply, and best of all they last on the cheek throughout the entire day! 

Spell Bound is a soft mauve rose shade. While there is no glitter or shimmer, this blush does leave a beautiful soft glow on the cheeks. Spell Bound is a gorgeous shade that I think a lot of skin tone can pull off. It is buildable so if you are fair like I am, a little goes a long way but if your skin tone is more deep you could really get a beautiful flush with this blush. 

The second blush I picked up is Bliss and this shade is wonderful! This is a little coral shade and as you can see in the swatch it is a soft coral. This shade is so wonderful because oftentimes with shades like this, the color payoff is too vibrant. Similar to Spell Bound, Bliss is buildable, smooth, easy to work with and blend, and also lasts all day on the cheeks!  Makeupgeek blushes retail for $9.99 which I think is a good price for the size and amazing quality of the product. 

Moving on to the eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows are extremely popular on YouTube and else where. I have been waiting forever to get my hands on a few shades to try out. Shimma Shimma is one in particular that I have heard rave reviews on. This is my kind of shade. I love some shimmer in my life and this shade is perfect. It's creamy, pigmented, and packs a big punch. It's also extremely buildable so if you just wanted a little glow, use a small amount and for more highlight use a little more. This eyeshadow is great for a brow bone and inner corner highlight but can also be used to highlight the center of the lid or the cheek bones! 

Prom Night is the second eyeshadow I went with. I was drawn to Prom Night and Shimma Shimma because one of my go-to eyeshadow looks is to use Nylon and Satin Taupe from MAC. Prom Night and Shimma Shimma resemble those MAC shades but they are not exact dupes in color or formula.  Prom Night is a great taupe with a little purple hint to it and I love this color for the crease and outer corner. 

Third shadow is Unexpected. I picked this shade because I love a plum colored matte shades. As a pale gal, browns can sometimes look a little moody on my skin, so for carving out the crease of my eye I tend to gravitate towards shades like Unexpected. Makeupgeek matte shades are amazing! The formula is just perfect. They are super matte, blendable, and the color actually stays strong. Some matte shades all blend out to look like the same color but the two matte shades I've tried stay true to their color. 

The last original formula eyeshadow I have is Peach Smoothie. I have heard so many awesome things about this eyeshadow. It is a soft matte peach beige shade. I love to use this as my first blending color in the crease. 

I've found all of the shadows are a little bit powdery so make sure you are tapping off your brush before applying eyeshadow to the lid to avoid fallout. These retail for $5.99 which is a pretty good price for the quality. I wish they were a little cheaper, but compared to MAC $5.99 is an awesome price! 

I thought the foiled eyeshadows would be my favorite but actually these are my least favorite products. The swatches look INCREDIBLE! However, these are a little difficult to work with. After watching Marlena's video on her new 10 foiled shadow where she talks a little bit on how to use these shadows, I've found it's best to sweep a dense concealer brush across the product and do that same motion on the eye lid. Sweep the shadow in one direction on the lid with a little bit of pressure. I also find they fade really quickly. Even with a base and really packing the shadow on the color intensity is dulled down after a few minutes. These shadows retail for $9.99 which I think it a little pricey for these shadows. The pan is extremely small and it takes a lot of product to get a great color intensity. 

The three shades I went with are Fantasy, Mesmerized, and Flamethrower. If you know me and my channel Fantasy screams ME! I love mint and this shade is beautiful! It is a frosty mint shade. I was drawn to Mesmerized because it looks a little like Prom Night with more shine. It's a taupe with a little purple throughout. Flamethrower is an intense true copper shade. 

If you are interested in trying these foiled eyeshadows I recommend starting with one or two shades to see if you like the formula and if you can work with these type of shadows.

As a whole, I'm extremely happy with everything I've purchased. What I would recommend most are the blushes! They are just fantastic and after trying these two I want to try all of her shades! I'm also extremely interested in trying out more Makeupgeek brushes and their original eyeshadows. I don't know if at this time I would purchase any more of the Foiled eyeshadows. 

Thanks so much for reading! Have a beautiful day!