Makeup Revolution Hot or Not | Full Review

Hello beauties, 

Over the past few months I've picked up a few things from the brand Makeup Revolution. I'm super impressed with this brand overall, the quality of the products are great, and the price is amazing. I have a range of eyes, lips, and face products. There is much more from the line I'd like to try but I think this range of products has given me a pretty good idea of the quality of the brand as a whole. 

First up the blush palette in Hot Spice, this palette is $10. It has 8 blushes, six matte shades and two highlighting shades. They are all in the pinky peach range and can be used in their own or layered to create your perfect shade. Each of them are super pigmented and last really well throughout the day. The two shimmery shades in this palette work beautifully layered on top of the matte blushes to create a gorgeous shine on the checks.  


Next I have the Run Boy Run Salvation Eye Shadow Palette. This palette is a great price, for $10 you get 18 eyeshadow shades, 12 shimmer and 6 matte shades. Sadly, many of the matte shades end up looking the same on the lid. The formula is wonderful I just wish there was more variety. The shimmery shades are gorgeous! With a little MAC Fix + they are even more pigmented and look amazing on the lid!  



This next palette was actually sent to me by a subscriber before this brand was available in the US, it's the Iconic 1 Redemption Eye Shadow Palette. The quality of this palette is really great. Pigmentation is there and it's for sure a dupe for the Urban Decay NAKED Palette. At $7 for this palette you really can't go wrong! They shades are spot on and the Urban Decay NAKED original. These shades preform well on their own but even better with MAC Fix +.   



The second face product I tried from the brand is this Vivid Baked Highlighters Peach Lights. I'm a big fan, it's $6, pigmented, gives your skin a gorgeous pearly peach highlight, and looks holographic which is pretty cool! 




On to one of my most favorite products, the Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant. This highlight is $7 and really can't be beat for the price.  This highlighter is wonderful because it's like four shades in one. You can mix them all together for a warmer hight or use the lightest shades for a soft golden look. It gives the skin a radiant and is simple to use. 



Let me know your favorite products in the comments below.