Makeup Forever Aqua XL Charli xcx Eye Liner Collection

Hello beauties, 

Makeup Forever products are no joke. On occasion I have the pleasure of doing wedding, prom, special event makeup and I’m not kidding when I say 60% of the makeup I pull out to use is Makeup Forever. There products LAST and look great in photos. Knowing this made me even more excited for these liners. Who doesn’t want their liner to last all day, be easy to apply, and come in all the colors of the rainbow? I know that’s what I’m looking for in a liner. 

There are 20 shades available in this collaboration, ranging from black, to blue, to yellow, and everything in between. While I’m not sure when I will ever wear a yellow eyeliner it’s nice to know there is an option out there. There is a color for everyone in this line: black, shimmery black, white, all shades of blue, greens, gold, browns, and purples. The one shade I feel is missing is a champaign shade. I love to brighten up my inner corner or to awaken the water line with a little champaign shade and I’m missing that in this collection. 

These are pencil form which means they will need to be sharpened. These Aqua XL eyeliner pencils will retail for $21 a piece and can be found at Sephora and The formula is creamy and easy to apply but sets in place quickly so if you’re looking to smudge things out you’ll have to work fast. I’ve used these as a base and they work really well. As I said they set quickly, so I work one eye at a time and blend things out before it sets in place. There is no creasing or smudging once they set and powder eyeshadows layer on top really well. 

I highly recommend these liners, I think this is a fun collaboration and I’m excited to see a new release with so many fun interesting shades. Let me know in the comments below what shade you are most excited for, is it the mint, yellow, or maybe just a classic gold, let me know? 

xo, Brittany 

BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette Review

Hello beauties, 

I would like to start this post by saying I’m so happy for Shaaanxo. As a fellow beauty blogger I can only image the joy she feels having created this palette and seeing it come through to the gorgeous product it is today. I hope one day to be half as lucky to collaborate with a popular brand to create a product of my own. I hope any lover of the beauty commute has love for the incredible things so many beauty bloggers have been able to create. That’s enough of mt mushy sappy sentiment onto my review. 

This palette is only sold on the BH Cosmetics website, it retails for $14.50, you receive 18 colors in total, 9 eyeshadows, and 9 lip colors. The packaging is gorgeous and the double sided design is incredibly innovative. The shade range in both the lip side and eyeshadow side is awesome. The eyeshadows are pigmented, apply well wet or dry, and last on the lid when used with an eyeshadow primer or base. I love the shade range as well. I think there is a good mix of light and dark and matte and shimmer. 

The lip colors are pigmented, mix well together, and apply well to the lips. However, they are a bit drying, don’t last long, and as you can expect because they are in a palette, not easy for everyday portability. 

One thing I would like to note about this palette that is a BIG turn off for me is the smell. I’m not sure if it’s the packaging, the formula of the products, or what but this palette has a very chemically smell. I’m pretty sensitive to scents so some of you might not notice it but this palette has honestly been difficult to reach for for that reason. I’ve had mine for about 3+ weeks now and I thought over time the smell would fade but it still stinks. I don’t know how else to describe the scent other than to say it smells like a factory. 

If it weren’t for the smell of the packaging I would say this palette is a home run. The quality of the products and innovative packaging really make this palette outstanding and for $14.50 you get one amazing palette. 

Have you guys tried this palette? If so let me know in the comments below. Haven’t tried it? Let me know why not. 

xo, Brittany

Second ColourPop Haul & Review

Hello beauties, 

Happy first birthday ColourPop!!

If you have been watching my channel for the past month you will know I've been a little ColourPop obsessed! After trying out the products from my first order, I could not wait to get my hands on more of their products! 

Some of my favorite products from my first order were the Lippie Sticks! I'm a lip junkie! I find you can change up an entire look by switching up your lip color. Their Lippie Sticks are incredible and I promise I'm not just saying that to justify the fact that I now own six of them! 

During this order I learned how amazing their customer service is! I received Chella by accident but my order was placed for Fiesta. The issue was solved in less than 24 hours of my receiving the order. I got to keep Chella and they sent me a code to order Fiesta with free shipping :) 

Chella is a cream finish shade that is pigmented, creamy, and is a beautiful little soft pink! Tipsy is a soft neon orange/coral, it is a glossy finish so it does have a bit of shine but it not as shiny as their hyper-glossy formula!  I really wanted to try out their matte formula and I love me a bold lip color! Creature is the one I decided to go with and I'm extremely happy with my choice! It's super pigmented and it's not drying. I do find however it is not as easy to apply as their other formulas. It is a little bit patchy on the first application so it does require a little work and a little building up. It also just not last as long on the lips as their other formulas, it does fade when eating and drinking but the color is amazing and I'm willing to work with it a little especially considering it's FIVE DOLLARS! Also a super plus is the Lippie Sticks smell amazing!  

ColourPop actually just released some new bronzers and I was really excited to try one out! The formula of their powder products is extremely interesting. It looks like a powder in the pot, feels like a cream to the touch, and blends like a dream. The shade I chose for the bronzer is Carry-On. This a great shade for fair skin! I find it works really well as a contour and blends out perfectly! 

Birthday Suit is the second blush I've tried from ColourPop and this one is a satin finish. I enjoy both their matte and their satin formula blushes. They are both smooth, pigmented, and last really well on the skin throughout the whole day. 

ColourPop was so sweet to celebrate their first birthday by creating a "Birthday Girl" eyeshadow that they offered for free with any purchase for a few days. This was a big reason for placing my second order ;) I love the pink packaging they decided to use for this special eyeshadow. Birthday Girl is a metallic formula which, as I did mention in my first review, is my least favorite formula. This is not to say I do not like the metallic shadows. I just find they have a bit of fallout, they lose a bit of pigmentation after the first use, and they can be a little crumbly.  

Birthday Girl is a gorgeous shimmery light golden shade. The shadow I decided to order this time around is Cricket and as  you can see in the photo below is a beautiful plum. It does have glitter throughout and is so super gorgeous! 

I cannot express my love for this brand enough! Their products are amazing quality, their site is incredible (love that they swatch products on three different skin tones), and their prices are PERFECT! Honestly, I think other brands have some real competition here! With products this amazing and prices you can't find anywhere else (seriously the drugstore has more expensive prices!) ColourPop has quickly become one of my favorite brands! Can't wait to see what they do next.  

If you have tried anything from ColourPop what is your favorite item?



May Favorites 2015

Hello beauties, 

Happy first of June! ColourPop has stole the show this month and I've been crazy about all of the products I purchased. I have a full video Haul + Review as well as a blog post featuring all of the items I have purchased so far and there is more to come. I have fewer beauty favorites this month don't worry though I've got lots of lifestyle goodies to share with you ;) 

Let's start first with the makeup favorites :) this month I have so many ColourPop favorites I could not pick just one, but being the lip junkie that I am, I did throw in my favorite lip combo of the month. Which starts with ColourPop Lip Liner in Fern topped off with an unlikely companion, ColourPop Lippie Stick in Frida. I have said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE mixing and matching my lip colors to create fun unique costume shades and this combo has been an amazing find for me! 

You know those t-shirts that say "All I Need is Coffee & Mascara"? I need one of those in my life BUT I need it to say "All I Need is Coffee, Mascara, Lipstick, Blush, Eyeshadow..." no but really as a redhead I can NOT put together any makeup look without mascara unless I want to look like a cupcake without the frosting, I mean what's the point right? ;) This Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Mascara looks amazing on it's own but is killer with some false eyelashes (I love Adrell Demi 120 lashes cut in half). This mascara added amazing length, lasts all day, and makes my lashes look thick and full. 

Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Mascara:

Bronzer for pale gals like me is like finding a four leaf clover in a desert. It's a rare thing and if/when you find it you best hold on! Leighannsays used to use this bronzer a while back and I'm finally trying it out! Why did I wait so long when I know everything Leighann mentions is a must try? I don't know but I'm using it now and it's rocking my world! While it's matte it is not dull in any way. This bronzer warms up the skin so beautifully and wearing perfectly throughout the day! I love to use this to warm up my skin and apply it to the outer parts of the face with a big fluffy brush. This is going to be perfect for spring and with summer coming up I can't wait to see how this looks on already sun-kissed skin. 

Physician Formula Bronze Booster Medium/Dark:

Rocking two coats of the Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Mascara!

Moving right along to my song favorite of the month. Mary Lambert - Secrets 
( This song speaks to my soul. I've got one more thing to say about this song; do not waste any more time trying to be anyone else but yourself! Oh and don't ever grow up if you don't want to ;) 

Many of  you might know that Mad Men ended this month and seriously I don't think I'm over this yet!  I like to think Mad Men got me through college in some ways. Alex and I spent hours binge watching Mad Men on Netflix and it has been a part  of my Sunday nights since about 2010 when I started watching, I was a little late to the game but I was sure there to cross the finish line! 

I have five movie favorites this month. Surprisingly I went to the movies four times this month and it was wonderful!

My first movie favorite is a movie that was made in 2007 called Man From Earth. This movie was so great! It was simple, thoughtful, and captivating. It's about a college professor who has been alive for 14,000 years. Due to the fact that he does not age, he must move every ten years before those around him start to ask questions. However this time he decides to tell his colleagues. The movie develops as his intelligent professor colleagues start to ask him about his life. There are some interesting discoveries as the main character John tells the tales of his life as he can remember it.

The other three movies that I saw in theaters were Pitch Perfect 2, Age of Adeline, and Avengers Age of Ultron. I have this strange obsession with watching people dance and I love to hear people sing and Pitch Perfect 2 was funny and included both singing and dancing! Age of Adeline was not as great as I was hoping. Blake Lively is gorgeous and performs beautifully however there was a little more narration than I would have preferred. As for Avengers Age of Ultron, it was good and exactly what I expected. It had lots of action and the humor which is one of my favorite parts of the Avengers movies was spot on! 

Thank you so much for all of your support, and as always YOU are my most favorite for this month and all month! 



Top 5 Makeup Products of The Moment!

Hello beauties, 

So many times I'm asked what my holy grail products are and to be honest that is a difficult question to answer. As someone who is constantly adding new items to my collection it's hard to keep one product in my routine for long without going to another product to try out for review. However, the other day I realized these 5 products, and they have been apart of my makeup routine pretty much everyday!

First off the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl ( has been a long time favorite of mine. I love the look this product gives to the skin. I add this on the high points of my face before I apply foundation. This gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow without being too overpowering. This is one of my favorite tricks to do on my clients. Everyone wants their skin to look healthy and hydrated and adding this product before foundation will give you that look! The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors have such an amazing formula; it can be added over top foundation as well. I have found it looks incredibly well over and under any foundation and concealer! 

Second is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ( If you have been watching me for any length of time you know that this is my favorite concealer of all time. Collection is not sold in the USA but my amazing friend Aimee who lives in the UK has gifted the ones I have to me. This concealer feels light weight on the skin, has buildable coverage, works well on dry skin, and lasts all day! 

Third is my beloved IT COSMETICS Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil ( This is a universal brow product that is seriously universal! As a redhead it can be difficult to find a brow product that really works for my shade of red. Even harder as a makeup artist it's difficult to find a brow product I can use on all of my clients! This brow pencil is a life saver! It works for my red hair as well as on a number of other brow shades. It's buildable, it's the perfect shade, and it lasts in the brows all day. I also love that it has a spoolie on one end; it is seriously an all-in-one brow product! 

Fourth: Tarte Blushes Exposed ( I have been a big fan of Tarte blushes for years now. Their formula is amazing! Blendable, buildable, smooth, and lasts all day! Their color range is amazing, I own a ton! Personally Exposed is one of my go to colors. It's a gorgeous shade that looks incredible on those days when you want a natural look but can be built up and used for days when you really want to rock your blush! 

Five and final is the new NYX COSMETICS Intense Butter Glosses ( I have the shades  Napoleon, Toasted Marshmallow, & Funnel Delight. I mentioned Napoleon in my recent blog post and video talking all about my favorite bright lip colors! I am such a fan of this formula! It's creamy, pigmented, hydrating, and I LOVE the smell of the lip butters! I can't wait to build my collection up further! 

Ask me in a week, a month, or a year and I know these products will probably change but right now these are a few products I cannot live without! 



ColourPop Review

Hello beauties! Welcome to my first blog post on my new blog! :) Like everyone else in the beauty community right now I could NOT wait to get my hands on some ColourPop products. I wanted to get a little bit of everything so I could let you guys know my thoughts on the line! 

One of the products I was most excited to get my hands on was the KathleenLights quad! KathleenLights is a gorgeous YouTube beauty blogger and she collaborated with ColourPop to create a beautiful shadow collection. 

This quad is so wonderful because it has a range of finishes. Kathleenlights is a pearlized, Blaze is a metallic, Cornelious and Glow are matte. These products are extremely unique; they look as though they are a powder but they have a creamy texture and they have a powdery yet cream look on the skin.  

I did pick up two individual eyeshadows to try out! Snap Dragon is a matte finish and Acron is a pearlized. I think the matte and pearlized are my favorite formulas. Blaze, which is a metallic finish, seems to have higher pigmention on the first layer but is not as metallic after the first layer is used. I did pick up one of the new highlighters in Smoke N Whistles and have found after swatching them side by side, Acron and Smoke N Whistles are pretty much identical so I'd say go with one or the other!   

I wanted to create a look using all of the shadows I picked up and this is what I came up with! Glow all over the lid up to the brow (applied with finger), Cornelious in the crease as a transition shade (applied with a dense crease brush), Blaze on the lid (applied with finger), Kathleenlights right in the center of the eye over top Blaze (applied with finger), Acron as a brow bone and inner corner highlight (applied with real techniques pixel point eyeliner brush), and Snap Dragon as a pop of color on the lower lash line (applied with real techniques pixel point eyeliner brush.)

The face products were some I couldn't wait to get my hands on the face products. These have the same texture as the eyeshadows. They look as they though are a powder but have a creamy texture. Just like the shadows, I love that the face products are buildable. This blush is so gorgeous and can work as a wash of color with one application, but they have be built up in intensity. Holiday, the shade I went with, has a matte finish. ColourPop actually just released their hightlighters. I picked up Smoke N Whistles which is just to die for! As I said up top the eyeshadow Acorn and Smoke N Whistles highlighter are so similar I would say just go with Smoke N Whistles so you can use it on the face and eyes! The highlighter size is larger, and trust me, if you love this shade as much as I do you will want the larger product ;) 

Sporting Holiday on my cheeks and Smokin' Whistles on my cheek bones, down my nose, and a little on my forehead. 

If you are new to my channel or blog I have a confession to make.... I'm OBSESSED with lip products. I already own way too many but my collection "magically" continues to grow! Phew glad I got that off my chest. Let's move on to these amazing lip swatches below. I picked up two lip liners and three lippie sticks. Frida and Brunch have a satin finish and Juicy has a hyper glossy finish. Both lip liners, Fern and Monkey are both matte shades that you are going to want to use when your lips are hydrated!   

So pretty much I'm in love and want everything from the brand! If there is one thing I'm not over the moon in love with it would be Blaze from the Kathleenlights quad just because the first layer was a bit more pigmented and once that layer was used it's a little less sparkly. But it is still pigmented - it's not that is has lost all of it's pigmentation or anything! Everything from the brand is amazing. The pigmentation is absolutely amazing. The eyeshadows and face products are buildable, blendable, pigmented, creamy, and easy to use! The lip products are pigmented, easy to use, smooth, and feel comfortable on the lips. 

Let me know if you have tried anything from the line or what you plan on picking up after seeing these photos and hearing my thoughts!




p.s. Check out my video review below!