e.l.f. Product Review

Hello beauties, 

Let's go ahead and review some of my newest e.l.f. purchases today. 

e.l.f. Mad About Matte Palette

Overall, I really like this palette. This palette retails for $10 and I picked mine up at Target, it can also be found on eyeslipsface.com. While the quality is of course not Urban Decay, Inglot, or Anastasia the quality is good. These shadows are pigmented and do each have their own distinct color. This palette reminds me of the Urban Decay NAKED Basics and the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette. All ten of the shadows are matte and offer a great set of basic shades. The packaging is nothing special but it is secure, had a mirror, is light-weight, and extremely simple. 

e.l.f. Contour Palette

At the low low price of $6 this is a great palette. There are four shades that can be removed from the palette and traded out with other palette shades. Each shade is pigmented, blendable, and works well for fair to medium skin. There is only one shade palette available and this one is pretty light and may not work for darker skin tones. Top right of palette is a whitish satin slit shimmer highlight shade and top left is a slit banana shade that can be used to setting the skin. The two contour shades are wonderful because one is warm and one is cool. I love to contour with the warm shade and the use the cool shade to give my skin an all over glow. One thing that would make this palette better would be if you could purchase individual shades in case you really love a particular shade and run out. Second suggestion would be to create a palette that would allow for these pans to be put into a z-palette for ease of use, customization, and for travel. 

e.l.f Contouring Brush 84035 Brush

This individual brush costs $6 and is totally worth that price. It’s soft, washes well, blends product well, and is a great size. One note is it’s not going to be high-end quality, there are some bristles that are a little longer than others. Even with this issue this brush is still worth a try and will preform beautifully.  

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and I hope you have a beautiful day!