Fitness Favorites + Fitness Routine

Hello beauties, 

I am by no means a fitness expert or the perfect picture of health. Fortunately, that does not discourage me from being active and giving every workout my best shot. I encourage each and every one of you to love your body physically and mentally. I'd like to share with you some of my recent fitness favorites and my current fitness routine.   

My first favorite are my Nike Flex Runners 2015. Mine are mint and I wear a size 6. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, a breeze to run in, and fit really well. These are my first pair of legit running shoes and I've noticed a different in the way they wear compared to a less expensive standered gym shoe. 

This next favorite might sound a little funny but I've noticed a huge level of comfort since purchasing this next one. While trying on my running shoes I noticed the socks I was wearing were too big and they were balling up and causing discomfort. That's when I headed to the socks section of Famous Footwear and picked up a pack of Adidas Socks. These are still a little big on my tiny feet but are 10x more comfortable than my plan white socks from Target. 

Next to a good pair of workout shoes a great sports bra is a must! My favorite in my collection is this front zipper bra from Victoria's Secret. A good sports bra can cost a pretty penny but if you find one that fits well and that is comfortable you will notice a big difference. I highly recommend one with zipper in the front, it's so easy to take on and off. While searching amazon I found this Champion Zipper sports bra that is inexpensive, I think I may have to give this one a try. 

I have two favorite bottoms I'm excited to share with you because they both fit like a dream and wear well during a workout. These American Eagle Leggings have held up well through may washes, they are not sheer but not too thick, they are great for summer & winter. They are super comfortable. I highly recommend these for working out and if you are lover of leggings for everyday wear. 

These might be my most favorite find of the moment. I'm going to be real, I've got thighs and when I run my right thigh likes to get up close and personal with my left thigh. This makes wearing shorts extremely difficult. These Nike Women's Perforated Rival 2-in-1 Running Shorts have been a life saver. They stay in place. It's so wonderful not to have to pull my shorts down every second.  LOVE these.

My two favorite gadgets for working out are my G-Cord armband and my Bluetooth Headphones. Alex gifted these two things to me for my birthday.  I love these headphones because they are cordless, they fit in my ears well, they have a pause button, and they have volume adjustment on the ear piece. A few reasons I love the arm band: the arm band is extremely long, there is a credit card slot, my iPhone 6 fits in the case without be taking my Otter box off, and I can still use my phone while it's in the case. If you didn't want to spend any money on an armband grab an old sock, cut the toes off, pull the sock over your arm, place the phone on the sock, and fold the bottom half of the sock up :)

My two favorite fitness apps are Sports Tracker and PumpUp.  Sports Tracker is wonderful for tracking mileage for a multitude of different  exercises: running, cycling, boxing, walking, etc. PumpUp is like the Instagram for fitness. It's a great place to get motivated and share your motivation with others. I love that I can log my workout, post photos, and link to my twitter. 

My current fitness routine consists of a lot of cardio. In the summer months I really love workout outside, it gets extremely cold in Chicago in the winter months so I like to enjoy the warm weather while it's here. I tell myself I'm going to workout every single day because I've found when I tell myself I'll run every other day or every third day I hardly ever work out. What I do for my workout generally is bike a mile or two to the park or track, run a mile, do some squats and/or lunges, and then bike back another mile or two. 

This is my current routine because I have found I have a layer of fat that I would like to lose before I continue with any toning. I've done toning videos like Tone It Up, and Blogilates in the past and love those but I'm really focusing on cardio at the moment. 

The most important part is to remember not to be too hard on yourself. Work hard, love yourself,  encourage yourself and other's. Being healthy is not simply about outside appearances, it's so much deeper than that. Love you guys!