ColourPop Haul + Review III

Hello beauties, 

Yes I am here with another ColourPop haul and review today. CoffeeBreakWithDani released a collaboration quad with them and I couldn't resist picking it up, along with a couple other items! ;) I've really fallen in love with this brand and my collection of their products is growing rapidly. Their prices are amazing and the quality of their products is outstanding! 

I love that Dani created a quad with incredible purpose. This quad is meant to encourage Strength, Kindness, Bravery, and Hope!  I know that when I pull these shadows out of my collection I'll feel inspired to transform and embrace my creativity. These are two "transformer" eyeshadows in this quad. Meant to transform the shade of any base you use. 

Inspired by Dani I've transformed some cream bases for you. I swatched these cream shadows on my arm and in the center you can see the shade of the base, on the top I've swatched Hope, and on the bottom you can see Kindness. I encourage you to be creative with these eyeshadows. Create something beautiful and as you wear your creation remember to be kind and brave.  

I'm such a fan of ColourPop eyeshadows and I wanted to add a dark shadow to my collection. Mittens is the perfect shade for smoking out the outer corner of the lid or smoking out the lower lash line. It's a beautiful deep chocolate with a little purple hint to it. It has a matte finish.  

Do I need more blush in my life? No! Do I want more? YES! This is my third blush from ColourPop and I love it. It's a gorgeous orange/coral. This shade is gorgeous for the summer months. This blush is a matte formula. Since ColourPop products do have a cream texture the matte formula blushes do not look dull at all. They have a beautiful natural glow to them. 

Sam Schuerman did a video on all of the new ColourPop highlighters and after watching her video I had to have more of their highlighters. I decided to go with Spoon and Most Necessary. Spoon is similar to a shade I already owned in Smoke N' Whistles but Spoon is a little more gold with a little more sparkle. Most Necessary is a gorgeous rosy highlight. It actually looks amazing paired with the blush in Get Leid. 

I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to their Lippie Sticks. The formula of every finish is to die for and they are $5!! Such and amazing price. 

I was looking for a nudeish lip liner from them to add to my collection and I'm so happy that I picked Brink. it's a gorgeous wearable color for my pale skin. I adds life to my lips but it great for everyday wear. Frida is one of my favorite Lippie Sticks from them with was created by CoffeeBreakWithDani so I thought I was add Lumiere to my collection which was created by KathleenLights.  Lumiere and Brink look gorgeous paired together but are so lovely on their own as well. I Heart This is the perfect summer raspberry shade and LBB is the most wonderful rich grape shade. 

Here is a little look I put together using many of these products :) they all look amazing on the skin and perform so incredibly well. 

If you've placed a ColourPop order recently let me know in the comments which products your picked up!