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Hi Impact Radius Hello beauties, 

Hope you are all doing well. Happy fall season! YouTuber Jaclyn Hill created a Fall Favorites tag and the beautiful Bailey Layne tagged me. There are 10 questions, I didn't answer a question Jaclyn posed, and I added two of my own. 

1. Favorite Fall Candle? 

In previous years if I were to answer the "Favorite Fall Candle" question I'm sure I would have answered with Leaves, Flannel, Marshmallow Fireside, etc. All Bath and Body Works scents. However, due to allergies I've had to move on from the Bath and Body Works candle line and experiment with other brands. Two that I'm loving at the moment are Scentsational Pure Natural Soy Candle in White Pumpkin (From Tjmaxx) and Archaeology Candle Pumpkin and Ginger Leaf (From Target). I'm loving Soy based candles as I feel like they last longer, burn better, and have a great throw. These two are great and were inexpensive. I picked up the Scentsational one from Tjmaxx for $6.99 and the Archaeology one from Target for around $15. 

2. Favorite Fall Lip Color?

Of course I can't pick just one lip color as I'm crazy obsessed with lip products. I love a good bright purple in the Spring and Summer and in the fall I transition into using more vampy dark purples. Two of my favorites are NARS Audacious Lipstick Charlotte and NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Black Cherry. These are both gorgeous and perfect for fall. Charlotte is a little drying but the Audacious Lipstick line from NARS is one of my most favorite high-end lipstick ranges. Their pricey but so worth a try. This shade is opaque, smooth, and the packaging is amazing; love the magnetic closure. A less expensive but still amazing product is the NYX Intense Butter Gloss range. They are intensely pigmented (as the name would imply), smell great, and apply well. One down side is that because they are so glossy they can move outside the lip lines a little so just look out and be sure to use a lip liner if you can.  

3. Favorite Fall Drink?

Yes, I admit it I'm a little addicted to coffee. I love coffee all year around and when fall and winter come around I really enjoy seasonal coffees. I've been loving the Starbucks Graham Latte, Dukin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee, and at home I enjoy Trader Joe's Pumpkin and Gingerbread Coffee. 

4. Favorite Fall Palette? (added question)

This is a question I added into this tag. To be honest I added this knowing which palette I wanted to mention. I'm so in love with the Too Faced Stardust Palette I'm using every chance I get to rave about this palette. This set is such a great price and the quality of these shadows is outstanding. I do have a full review on this palette so I won't go on much longer but this is a must have, even with all the new holiday sets and palettes this one is still a must have. 

5. Favorite Fall Nail Polish? (added question) 

Butter London Arm Candy Nail Lacquer Collection in It's Vintage has quickly become of favorite fall shade of the moment. To be honest I was not expecting this shade to work for me. I'm extremely pale and sometimes unique shades just look a little off on my skin tone. This shade is fantastic though. It has wonderful orange and red tones to it that just work lovely together. It's opaque, smooth, easy to apply, and lasts really well on the nails. I highly recommend this shade. It's fun and unique! 

6. Favorite Fall Blush?

Surprise, I have two chooses for this question as well. In the fall I love to wear more deep and vibrant shades. Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color and Inglot FREEDOM SYSTEM FACE BLUSH 63-AMC are two of my favorite shades this fall. Wicked is a little more pink than you'd think would be good for fall but it's fantastic, a little bit goes a long way, and it gives the cheeks the most perfect kissed by the cold look. Inglot 63 is so fantastically pigmented and appropriate for fall. This blush is crazy pigmented and looks stunning when just a touch is used and blended out properly.   

7. Favorite Clothing Item?

Recently my boss traveled to Ireland and she was so kind to bring me back this gorgeous forest green infinity scarf. I'm in love with this scarf and it's a piece that will be easy to transition into the winter months as well. It will keep me warm and cozy for months to come. 

Second piece is this amazing floppy Joe Fresh Black Hat. This hat saved me from getting sunburnt during my California trip and is going to save my ears in these cooler/cold months. I'm now on the hunt for a burgundy floppy hat! 

8. Favorite Fall TV Show? 

The Walking Dead is a show that has brought me so much joy and so much disappointment. I'm generally not into scary/gory things but this show is a must watch for me. Even if there is a disappointing episode it's great to cozy in on a Sunday night with my boyfriend Alex and watch the show together.  

9. Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

YES a question about food. I love food and I especially love holiday food. Broccoli Casserole
and Mac n' Cheese are two of my favorites. 

10. Favorite Halloween Costume?

One of my most loved Halloween costumes as a child was when my mom went all out for my Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume. We did the glittery red shoes, the picnic basket, Toto, the works! Loved that costume. Sadly my mom wasn't able to find a photo of that costume so as a treat for you blog readers I've posed a photo of another great costume. Here is a photo of my mom, my younger brother, my cousin, and me as a gypsy. 
Joan Harris from Mad Men

A favorite costume from about three years ago is when I was Joan Harris and Alex was Roger Sterling from Mad Men. I think this will forever be one of my favorite costumes. Loved the show Mad Men and I think Alex and I did a pretty wonderful job recreating the characters. Plus it's always fun as a redhead to "play" another redhead! 

Love this tag :) if you want to leave me a comment letting me know your fall favorites that would be wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful day and happy fall!!